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Richard Blaise & Associates, Inc. offers the following claim related services:

General Liability

All Lines to include:

  • Signed statements
  • Recorded statements
  • Witness locates
  • Scene investigations, including photographs and diagrams
  • First and third party claims
  • Check records room
  • Comprehensive captioned reports


  • Signed statements
  • Recorded statements
  • Witness locates
  • Photographs
  • Scene diagrams

Workers Compensation:

  • Insured investigation
  • Claimant investigation
  • Signed statements
  • Third parties
  • 15.8 work up
  • Surveillance
  • Witness locates
  • Clinic expections
  • Physician background searches
  • Activity checks

Additional Services:

  • Background investigations
  • Criminal history searches
  • D.M.V. license and registration records
  • Obtain certified copies of MV-104’s and police reports
  • Locate persons
  • Asset searches, including real property
  • Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • Certified weather reports
  • Casualty Investigations
  • Digital video archiving and mining
  • Activity checks


  • Video footage
  • Still photos
  • Activity checks
  • Social media investigations

Multi-Media Reporting:

In keeping up with technology, we now offer our reports in a multi-media format. CD-ROM, DVD, or Drop Box based reports are compact and offer more flexibility to adjusters and attorneys. Our surveillance reports include integrated video and still photographs. As such, a VCR is no longer necessary to view your video. We can provide this service at your request.