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About Richard Blaise & Associates, Inc.

Richard Blaise & Associates, Inc.

Richard Blaise & Associates is a complete investigative research and adjusting firm, which was formed to provide expert claims service to the insurance industry, legal professionals, as well as self-insured clients, including municipalities and school districts. We are a full service, multi-line, independent organization that is taking on a leadership role in the investigation of liability, workers compensation and property claims. We employ the highest quality of investigative procedures to meet your claims needs.

At Richard Blaise & Associates, we handle all types of insurance related cases, and we cover the entire New York metropolitan area, to include the five boroughs of New York City, all of Long Island, Westchester, and Northern New Jersey.


Our support staff is second to none. They are dedicated, enthusiastic and enable us to provide our clients with the highest degree of quality service and effective claims support.

Richard Blaise & Associates has the capability of delivering a professional product in a timely manner. Our captioned reports are detailed and self-explanatory, so as to provide you with factual information, highlighting particular areas of interest and concern.

Our Goal

ichard Blaise & Associates, Inc.

It is our goal to provide comprehensive, professional claims investigation services that result in the clear presentation of facts. Richard Blaise & Associates has a proven record of attaining positive results. We are proud to have been recognized by many of our clients for providing superior service and for our unique ability to present a work product that emphasizes quality and results. Richard Blaise & Associates will arrange for signed and recorded statements of appropriate parties, and we will thoroughly investigate all questionable claims. Our technical and support staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding potential third-party recovery and subrogation, and we take pride in our vigorous pursuit of our client's reimbursement opportunities.

Flexibility is the underpinning of our relationships. We can develop a customized plan to achieve you objectives, both efficiently and effectively.

Your claims handling specifications and your desire for controlling costs will be the basis of our partnership planning with you.

At Richard Blaise & Associates, Inc. we make it easy for you to submit assignments.
Please allow 24 hours for us to process your requests and to get back to you.
Richard Blaise Richard Blaise Richard Blaise Richard Blaise Richard Blaise Richard Blaise Richard Blaise
Richard Blaise Richard Blaise Richard Blaise Richard Blaise